Tatham is proud to share that the Acton Island Bridge Rehabilitation project has been recognized as a winner of a 2024 Ontario Engineering Project Award of Distinction!

Congratulations to our entire project team and District Municipality of Muskoka staff. Accepting the award on behalf of Tatham was Manager of Bridges Brian Wood, Alyssa Beauchamp, Greg McLachlan, Emma Wilkinson, and Junjie Yang.

The Acton Island Bridge is a 100-meter, single-lane bridge located on Muskoka Road 29 in District Muskoka. As the only point of road entry for 300+ cottages and residences, our Bridges team developed a seven-stage approach that maintained access for residents, visitors, and emergency services throughout construction.

The removal of a portion of wide curbs allowed for a greater work area and one lane to remain open throughout construction.

An innovative temporary wooden walkway was installed along the outside of the bridge providing access to pedestrians, joggers, and cyclists. Boat access under the bridge was also maintained throughout the project.

Bridge rehabilitation work protected critical structural components and included the repair and resurfacing of the bridge deck. The service life of the bridge was extended by 25 years to reach a total of 75 years.

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