This holiday season, with food prices at an all-time high and local food bank resources stretched thin, Tatham’s Engagement Committee got creative and tapped into the spirit of friendly competition between our five offices.

From the end of November to mid-December, staff members were encouraged to bring in food items and toiletries, or contribute through gift certificates and monetary donations, to be donated to our local food banks. The collective weight of items donated was divided by the number of staff at each office to ensure a fair advantage for all. Each dollar donated equated to 1lb in the equation.

Over 12 working days, our offices collected a combined total of 517 lbs. in items and $5,052 in monetary donations.

However, it was Tatham’s Bracebridge office that took home the title of winner and the well-deserved bragging rights associated with it. Congratulations Bracebridge staff!

Winner breakdown:

  • Bracebridge: 102.86 lbs. per person donated
  • Orillia: 52.24 lbs. per person donated
  • Ottawa: 40 lbs. per person donated
  • Collingwood: 25.69 lbs. per person donated
  • Barrie: 16.25 lbs. per person donated