Dunlop Street Revitilization





820 m

In partnership with the City of Barrie, Tatham and Envision-Tatham completed a streetscape revitalization project for Dunlop Street, a popular corridor in the City’s downtown area. Tatham provided detailed design and tendering, as well as the provision of construction support to the 820m stretch between Toronto Street to east of Mulcaster Street.

The revitalization was based on a flexible street approach. This allows the City and downtown businesses to make changes to meet seasonal needs, such as increasing boulevard areas to accommodate expanded display areas and outdoor restaurant seating during summer months. The revitalization also included safer pedestrian walkways and improved accessibility, in addition to enhanced lighting and visibility for businesses.

Project benefits involved renewal and improvements to existing underground infrastructure including watermain, sanitary, storm, and utility systems. An underground modular system called Silva Cells was installed to support large tree growth in an urban area and provide on-site stormwater management. Dunlop Street was also outfitted with new signalized intersections and additional greenspace for planting beds.

Collaboration was a top priority throughout this project – our process included working closely with City staff, City Council, stakeholders, downtown businesses, and members of the public to establish a design that reflected the community’s needs and cultural values.


  • detailed design
  • tendering & review
  • contract administration
  • construction inspection
  • streetscape design
  • landscaping


  • EDCO Awards of Excellence – 2020 Building Initiatives (Urban) Award