Parry Sound Airport Runway 17/35 Reconstruction






1,500 m


75,000 m³


Commencing in 2016, Tatham Engineering has assisted the Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport Commission in repairing and improving the airport’s significantly deteriorated runway. The task will extend and widen the existing runway from 1,200m-long by 23m-wide to 1,500m-long by 30m-wide and include an all-new runway and approach lighting.

The new runway will make it easier for emergency services to respond in all-season and all-weather conditions, as well as provide economic advantages to local businesses and residents. Together with the Airport Commission, Tatham reviewed the feasibility, constructability, and cost effectiveness of available runway improvement options, and later selected the most appropriate option, obtained approvals and funding, completed detailed design, and prepared and issued procurement packages. Currently, Tatham is providing constructions services to the project.

Due to the scope and size of the runway reconstruction, in addition to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, project management was an especially important and crucial element. Our team was able to create tailored solutions to issues such as inflation and material and labour shortages.






  • preliminary design
  • funding approval application
  • approval acquisition
  • final design
  • tendering and review
  • contract administration 
  • construction inspection