Bala Falls Bridge Rehabilitation







38 m



Since 2015, Tatham has provided ongoing engineering and technical services to the Bala Falls Bridge – a long-time fixture in the Township of Muskoka Lakes with original construction dating back to the 1930s.

In 2021, in conjunction with the township, Tatham successfully completed a comprehensive Schedule B Class EA Study to determine the most suitable solution for the aging 5-tonne load-restricted bridge. To support the environmental assessment, an Archaeological Stage 1 & 2 Assessment, Cultural Heritage Evaluation Report, Heritage Impact Assessment, and Scoped Natural Environment Review were also conducted. Results determined that the bridge held local heritage value.

Despite the project’s complex nature, close collaboration across different internal departments significantly increased its manageability. Working alongside Envision-Tatham, our team was able to present concept renderings to both the council and the public, ensuring a suitable rehabilitation that will not only meet the community’s current needs but will also remain resilient for years to come.

During the detailed design phase, the limits of road re-construction were extended to include 200 meters of approach road on either side of the bridge. During construction, conduits were installed within the bridge, accommodating future underside lighting to add aesthetic value and enhance the user experience at the adjacent park’s viewing area.


  • Class EA Schedule B
  • conceptual design
  • detailed design
  • contract administration
  • construction inspection