Duck Bay Road Bridge Rehabilitation







2 year

In 2013, Tatham was contracted to rehabilitate the Duck Bay Road Bridge, a three-span steel pony truss with a concrete deck originally built in 1927. Locally, the Duck Bay Road Bridge holds significant historic value and remains a crucial link between the north and south sectors of Tay Township. The rehabilitation was necessitated by deteriorating timber cribs that support the concrete piers.

The project began with an overall review of the existing structure, which included a detailed visual inspection, a review of the previous underwater inspections, and an updated structural evaluation of the trusses. Tatham prepared a preliminary design alternative report detailing available rehabilitation options and their associated costs, while also assisting the Township in holding a Public Information Session to receive public feedback. Our team then completed the final design, contract administration, and construction review for the project.

Tatham worked with the Township to split the contract into two phases, with the concrete encapsulation of the piers completed between January and April 2015 and the superstructure replacement completed between September and December 2015.


  • evaluation & assessment 
  • class environmental assessment
  • preliminary design
  • detailed design
  • approvals
  • tendering & review
  • contract administration
  • construction review