On September 13, Tatham was the sponsor of the Mad River Golf Classic, a friendly tournament in support of the Collingwood General & Marine Hospital Foundation. Tatham presented the hospital with a $15,000 donation, totaling $70,000 raised at the event.

Proceeds from the event were put towards the hospital’s goal to equip the Diagnostic Imaging Department with a new and improved MRI Scanner which will help elevate safety, efficiency, and standard of care.

With terrific conditions and a full roster of golfers, our staff enjoyed a beautiful day out on the green supporting the important cause. 

Tatham Vice President Michael Cullip recently sat down with CGMHF to discuss why it’s so important to give back to the community through supporting local healthcare. 

“[With] the impact of continued growth in Collingwood, we can see the level of development around us increasing, the number of homes is increasing, the number of families and population is increasing, so hence the demand for health care obviously increases as well,” Cullip said. “And yet, we’ve seen the hospital remain the same.” 

Cullip’s partner is a nurse on the medical floor and Cullip explains that he knows and understands the experiences and struggles his partner and her colleagues face. 

“In order to be happy, we need to be healthy. In order to be healthy we need to have that healthcare system. I want that for myself, I want that for my family, I want that for my staff and my organization, but I also want it for everybody else around us,” he said. 

“I think supporting something like this goes without saying that it should be essential to everybody; it should be the top priority in most people’s lives to make sure that healthcare is something that is readily achievable and it’s there when we need it.”


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